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7 reasons to stay in a Sports Hotel

Posted by Dennis Snapper on October 30, 2020

What is a sports hotel?

A Sports Hotel is much like any other hotel, with one big difference. The exceptional on-site sporting facilities.

But who are Sports Hotels really for? Aren’t they only suitable for elite athletes? Nope!

Whether you’re a fanatic cyclist, professional triathlete, or just an average amateur sports lover like myself, then you’re going to love staying in a sports hotel. It’s inspiring and motivating, for everyone!

Perhaps there are people in your travel group who aren’t very athletic but may be keen to try something new. There’s no need to worry about feeling a bit out of place. That’s one of the great things about athletes and sport. There is mutual respect amongst athletes and sports lovers, irrespective of different fitness levels, ages, and beliefs.

Still not convinced? Here are my 7 reasons to stay in a Sports hotel…

1. Sports hotel facilities

The obvious thing that makes a sporting hotel a sporting hotel are its premium facilities, amenities, and services. I promote mainly cycling and triathlon hotels but also include some really cool multi-sports resorts.

The cycling hotels you find on my website have a cycling centre. This is almost like a hotel within the hotel, but then just for bikes. They’re quite fancy, and include secure storage areas, often with camera surveillance, wash areas, workshops, and bike shops including premium bike hire, spare parts, and accessories.

Mallorca is obviously a popular cycling holiday destination. The bike hotels there have some of the best cycling facilities in the world. To get an idea, have a look at my blog post The Best Cycling Hotels in Mallorca.  


Sports Hotel Hoposa Villaconcha – Mallorca

Hotels with either semi-Olympic or Olympic swimming pools are most popular with people training for a triathlon, swimming camps, or other athletes who are recovering from injury or just want to give swimming a go. If this sounds appealing to you, have a look at The Best Hotels with lap pools in Spain.

Not long ago, you’d be lucky to find a few matching dumbbells and a dated treadmill in most hotels. Now hotels have premium gyms that are always kept up to date with the latest treadmills, rowing machines, free weights, and much more. Take full advantage of these facilities to support what you need most; may it be strength training, core exercises, cardio, or even stretching.


Playitas Resort – Fuerteventura

If you’re open to trying something new or want to find other sporting options for others in your group, you will find hotels with tennis and padel courts, golf courses, or even yoga classes.

You just need to find what’s right for you and yours.

2. Motivation

What´s more inspiring than being surrounded by like-minded people? The atmosphere in a sports hotel is so energising, inspiring, and enriching that it will only help you achieve your goals.

Meet people from other parts of the world who share your passion! Just being surrounded by people who are committed to a healthy lifestyle and seeing them train will motivate you to up your game. If you’re just starting out, I’m sure you will be so inspired that you’ll want to come back for more.

3. Family Friendly Sports Hotel

As they say, family first! But can I get some training done with my kids with me? Absolutely! In fact, many Sports Hotels are family-friendly. Your children will have a blast at the Kids Club. They will be kept busy with all sorts of activities, fun and games where they’ll make lots of friends. Not to mention the children’s pools and parks. Chances are you won’t see much of them.


Zafiro Palace Alcúdia – Mallorca

What about other family members? They’re all welcome. Even the lazy ones!  They can float around in the Spa all day if they want. Guided aqua gym routines aren’t my thing, but it could be a good laugh to get them involved in that.

The Adults-Only sports hotels are clearly labelled on my site. All the other ones are very much family-friendly.

4. Professional Support

Sports hotels have professionals available on-site who are usually either ex-pro athletes or certified trainers who are there to advise and support you.

The cycling centre managers can help you find the most suitable bike rental, recommended cycling routes, help with maintenance issues ensuring you just make the most of your rides!

Hotels with Olympic swimming pools often have underwater cameras allowing you to analyse your technique with the swimming coach, to help take your training and performance to the next level.


Occidental Lanzarote Mar – Lanzarote

Perhaps you’ve just come back from an injury or want to focus on some core exercises in the gym. Hire a personal trainer to set up a program to work on during your holiday.

If you’re interested in trying something new, have a golf or a tennis lesson. Maybe you’re overtrained and need to bring it down a notch, book a sports massage, and some relaxation treatments in the Spa.

Whatever it is you need, just know you’ll be in good hands.


Abama Tennis – Ritz Carlton Abama – Tenerife

5. Explore

With all the available sports facilities and restaurants, it would be easy not to leave the hotel. That’s not my way of travelling though.

Sports Hotels have idyllic surroundings, and this is an extra motivation to go out and discover the area, may it be in the mountains on the bike, or along coastal or rural roads on your run, or swimming in open waters in the bay in front of your hotel. Get to know the world while you exercise, immerse yourself in the landscapes, and stop from time to time to enjoy the scenery.

The hotel can suggest popular and recommended routes. Otherwise, you can find them on Wikiloc or Strava and download them to your GPS, or simply just head out and get lost.

6. You Call the Shots

People have become more health-conscious and understand the importance of exercise. If you aspire to a healthy lifestyle, then why change that when you’re on holiday?

That doesn’t mean you can’t pig out once in a while or enjoy an extra glass of wine. Trying local dishes is one of the highlights of travelling for me.

“Athletes eat and train, they don’t diet and exercise.”

Lolo Jones

However, do know that sports hotel also offers Athletes menus and plenty of healthy options.

Remember, you call the shots! You won’t be woken up by the personal trainer for a 6 am beach run. Do as little or as much as you like, whenever you like. An active holiday is fully compatible with a relaxing one.

7. Rest and Recovery

Know that the hotel and the rooms have been adapted to your needs, ensuring maximum comfort and a good night’s sleep. Remember, just like a balanced diet, rest and recovery is another essential element to your training program.

Listen to your body! Head down to the Spa and wellness area after your work-out or on your days off. Enjoy the sauna or book a much-needed sports massage. We live in a time when taking care of our mind, body and soul is essential. Find the right balance you, and spoil yourself sometimes!


PortBlue Club Pollentia Resort & Spa – Mallorca

Everyone has different needs and goals. Whether it’s an escape from the long winter and want to give your training a boost, or you’re looking for a break with mates from your local cycling club, or simply want an active family holiday, then booking a Sports Hotel is just what you need.

Finding the right one has never been easier. But what about the best deals?

I’m passionate about sports travel and I’m dedicated to help you find not only the best sports hotel, but the best deals, too!

Sign-up with your email address below and I’ll occasionaly send you the best deals at my favourite sports hotels!


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