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Hi, I’m Dennis! Before I tell you about Sports Hotels, let me quickly introduce myself. I’ve been passionate about sports from a young age. The truth is, I’m just an average athlete, but enjoy a bit of cycling and running. Travel is another passion of mine, and it has also been part of my professional life for almost 20 years. I love exploring new destinations, learning about different cultures, oh and trying out local dishes. Food, yes, another passion.

In 2015 I left Barcelona and moved to Mallorca where I decided to raise my young family. With so many cyclists and prestigious sporting events held here on the island, I quickly realised the true potential of Sports Travel and wanted to find a way of combining my passions of both Sports and Travel.

I’m part of a new wave of digital entrepreneurs who have escaped the traditional nine to five. I was determined to live my life on my terms and do something I’m truly passionate about. I wanted more geographical freedom and to be more present in my family life, and more time for myself.

I still have the ambition to run another marathon (and go sub 4h), get out on my bike more often, learn how to swim (properly), and who knows, perhaps even one day become an IRONMAN.

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About Sports Hotels

If you’re like me and can´t stand laying the pool all day, but prefer to be active, combined with a bit of well-deserved luxury, then you’re at the right place!

On my travels, I always tried to find hotels with good sporting facilities. But I always was amazed by how poorly these were displayed and presented online. None of the main booking platforms specialises in sports. Those which did only seemed to operate very locally.

Finding the right sports hotel and destination was frustrating, it required hours of research on numerous sites, blogs and forums. It got me thinking, and from there was born.

My mission is simple! To inspire sports lovers with premium sports hotels ensuring unforgettable sports holiday experiences.

I pay special attention to cyclists and triathletes, so all the hotels showcased will either be cycling-friendly or have lap pools.

However, non-cyclists and non-triathletes are more than welcome to stay. So, no matter whether you’re travelling with your family, your local sports club, attending a sporting event, or even on business, I’m sure you’ll find what you’re looking for. The product offering will start in Spain and Portugal, but over time I’ll expand and share all the gems I find along the way in both established and emerging sporting destinations.

I’m at the beginning of my journey and I’d love for you to follow me on your preferred platforms below!

Thanks for stopping by and feel free to get in touch,


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